Discounts for Institutions

Various discounts are available to Federal and State health programs. The programs include Medicaid, 340B covered entities, AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, qualified health centers, and hospitals. Other substantial discounts are provided to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense.

Patient Access

Vyera aims to facilitate patient access to its treatments.

Vyera funds a patient assistance program1 that offers DARAPRIM® (pyrimethamine) free of charge to qualified, uninsured patients with incomes at or below 500 percent of the federal poverty level.

Eligible patients who have commercial insurance may receive cost sharing support and are not obligated to pay more than $0 out of pocket for DARAPRIM.

Eligible patients with Medicare Part D insurance coverage have access to an independent charitable foundation, to which Vyera donates, that can provide financial assistance.

1 Financial assistance programs are subject to terms and conditions and patient eligibility requirements. Restrictions, including where prohibited by law, may apply. Offers are subject to change or discontinuance without notice. Financial assistance programs are not insurance nor are they intended to be a substitute for insurance.

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